Be Smart in Marketing

Over the years we at It Matters Radio have been broadcasting; streaming music, interviewing guests, holding special shows, We, along with so many other internet radio shows, find it a bit discouraging that the artists and guests we share on the shows, for the most part, fail to do the one thing that will enhance their marketing - sharing.

So what do we mean by sharing? It is so very simple, and those who utilize this free gift from us find they actually gain more fans and followers, and yes, purchases of their music, product or service.

I wondered if there was a reason that so many do not take the time or make the effort to share any and all interviews, streaming of songs or podcasts of the broadcasts their work or service or product has been featured. I am speaking of all interviews, streams and such; not merely our shows, but every one they have had the opportunity to be part of. And it hit me that perhaps they needed to be reminded of what impact it could make, if they got serious about their future and goals.

Let's put it simply - no one is going to know about you unless you market yourself. No one is going to come banging on your door and make you an overnight sensation. I'm sure you already know you must 'get yourself out there' to the world', and are doing so via gigs, tours and making your product and service available via the internet. So why not use the tools you already have in place and market your song streams, guest appearances, interviews and such. I cannot speak for other stations, but this is what we have available for you to utilize every single day.

1. Mention of your name in the following places when your music is streamed.




2. Podcasts of the broadcast you are featured


Google Plus


3. Places to send your fans to listen to the live streams (when they are actually taking place; these are not podcasts)

It Matters Radio -Watch Live

It Matters Radio Via Vaughnlivetv

There is no sign up required to watch the shows - just send people there and when the stream goes live, they will be able to watch your show.

We also feature your shows on many other networks. So what can you do to make use of these free tools?

1. Most important - Let People Know About the Show

2. Send or share tweets, Facebook posts, etc. to all your fans

3. Post your media news on your web-site or other social media you use

4. After the live stream of your show(s), share where others can go to view the podcasts. (YouTube link - It Matters Radio Facebook Page, Google Plus, or get this - even your own web-site if you embed the show on it.)

In ending, we at It Matters Radio, and also so many of the other internet radio stations, ask nothing from you. All the people who create and air their broadcasts spend hours upon hours each day and week to assist all of you.

Here are thoughts from expert marketers:

I highly recommend to all artists that they push for airplay online the same way you might have pushed for airplay on terrestrial radio 10 years ago. I support web casters and strongly advise all artists to treat web casters like they are any radio station. Know which stations are playing what genres, know the DJ, and send them music appropriately to get airplay! Then promote those stations on your website and fan lists/ emails. Support their cause to stay alive and share the love. (note: in the music industry radio play and promotion is commonly referred to as “love”)

Allowing your music to be streamed gives a way for the consumer to first “test out” your music before making the decision to buy it which is good because people want to be absolutely sure these days that what they are buying is going to be worth the price, and they’ll actually use it.

Most importantly, in the first stages of your music career, not enough consumers know about you for it to be worth you trying to sell your music through a distributor, but in the long run, getting a $100 royalty check every six months won’t do as much for your career as opening it up to everybody, and letting it stream.

So, take advantage of the tools others offer you. Be smart about marketing!

So many internet stations who have despaired of working diligently every day and they ultimately ask, for what? So artists and guests can utilize their hard work and not contribute or put forth time to acknowledge them, or even take a few minutes to say thank you, share the shows or do any of the things we mentioned in this article.

We, at It Matters Radio, care, and it is not for us we post this blog; but for you who need to take these gifts and run with them.

Love to you all and keep on aiming for your goals and passions in life.

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