The Pizza Kings - A Tasty Morsel of Sound

Once upon a time, three musicians came together in the lower lands of Vancouver Canada. They combined their talents and passion for music, and created a band with the unlikely name of The Pizza Kings.

This eclectic and artistic band consists of the multi-instrumentalists, Klint McEachnie, Tony Fera, and Dominic Di Tomaso. Each member adds their own special touch to the music and lyrics which radiates and resonates with their fans and audience.

Their driving force is to create great music and not to simply make money. Though, of course, they do appreciate every purchase from their fans. They are staunch supporters of Indie Radio and Independent music and actually take the time to thank Radio Producers for the time and effort to share their music; a rare find in the industry in today's’ world. In fact, member, Klint McEachnie has written blogs about the struggles of Indie bands and the need to sustain them.

Pizza Kings musical influences include the songs produced during the ‘British Invasion’ by legendary bands such as ‘The Beatles’ and they have roots in Rock & Roll, R& B, Funk, Soul, Jazz, Rockabilly, Country and Blues. All in all, The Pizza Kings, are the perfect fit for any music lover, with lyrics that touch on everyday life. Audiences relate to the stories each song portrays.

Though they call themselves a studio band, recording, on the most part, one CD per year, it is a perfection to their craft, that makes each CD worth the wait as the music and songwriting is amazing and reaches out to not only entertain, but to touch the soul.

You will find their latest songs, "Before the Fall" , a moving and dark tale of ' something wicked this way comes’. In contrast, their song "Lumpy Lloyd" is an amusing observation of a pseudo Lothario. Both songs demonstrate their merged talents and diversity that comes together like the perfect combination pizza

Be sure to check The Pizza Kings out on Facebook and Reverbnation. For this combo is surely true to their name and are Kings of the best of sound and are a force beyond compare.

Enjoy a taste of their music below.

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