Anna Mullins - Blogger/Writer Extraordinaire

Anna Mullins was born and raised in a small sulfur factory town in Texas. Her family held strong teachings of the Catholic faith that permeated her life.

Ms. Mullins book, “Confessions of a Crazy Fox" takes us on a magical, often emotional ride of her life and family history. The female family line, in particular, had the "Gift" of prophecy. Her grandmother made a dire prediction that came to fruition on the September Day in NYC, now known as 9/11. It seems grandmother had envisioned “two glass buildings engulfed in flames" many years before the actual event took place.

Prophecy ran in the bloodline and Anna was no exception. One example was when her grandmother died. Though Anna was ill and not able to attend the funeral, to everyone’s astonishment, she described the memorial services in exact detail.

Anna Mullins book, “Confessions of a Crazy Fox” is a humorous and often painful account of her life. Rich in character and substance, the reader journeys back in time, to a Texas of the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s. It is a tale of wonder, sorrow, devotion and deep love that will give the reader not only enjoyment but also laugher.

Anna is a devoted grandmother, mother, artist, and gardener.

Be sure to check out her wonderful blog,

Confessions of a Crazy Fox

and definitely her book, Confessions of a Crazy Fox

Listen to Anna's interview @ It Matters Radio

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