Stephen Wrench - Rocks the Industry

How does a record label notice me? Can I make a living as a musician? How do I go about publishing and licensing my music? Where are there performance opportunities? These are questions bands and singers frequently ask.

Enter Stephen Wrench, Senior Producer of Musik & Films, Voting/Nominating Member of the Grammys, and a singer/songwriter in his own right. We at It Matters Radio were fortunate to have Wrench as a featured music guest on a recent broadcast. He had so much knowledge we asked if he would come back and chat about today’s Music Industry, and Stephen did just that. You may check out his most recent broadcast @

On a personal note, Stephen Wrench has worked with numerous singers and bands, such as Bonnie Raitt and Lynyrd Skynrd. In fact, the list is so long it would read like a ‘Whose Who’ in the music and entertainment industry.

Musik and Films is a production company, which encompass every aspect of the music business, from Artist Management, Music Consultation, Music Videos, Music Licensing to Worldwide Radio play.

Stephens’s main message is to "get your name out there" and his company is a great place to begin that journey. While there, check out the many articles and be sure to see what their current artists are saying about Musik and Films Production. You may also find Stephen Wrench/Musik and Films on Facebook, so be sure to give them a like and keep up on the current trends and music.

Finding representation you can trust is most difficult. All who know Stephen Wrench agree he is professional, knowledgeable and knows the ins and outs of a very tough, competitive music industry.

We at It Matters Radio, look forward to presenting more of Stephen’s own music and perhaps chatting with him again.

Musik & Film - Website -

Check out Stephen's music @ -

Every week It Matters Radio will be bringing you the top 20 charting international indie music artists. Three shows per week - all music - thanks to Stephen Wrench, Musik & Film and European Top 20

Set a reminder and never miss a listen via live airtime or pod cast @

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