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One of the most delightful guests we’ve had the pleasure to interview on It Matters Radio is a man who wears many ‘hats’. If you have not heard of this man, let me introduce you to Graham Sclater. Not only is Graham an excellent author, evident by the many TV projects and Screenplays he is involved with as well as his numerous novels, but he is also a musician, producer and promoter of music.

Born in Exeter, England, he attended Phoenix Arts Center where he studied Creative Writing. In the 60’s, Sclater played the Hammond organ with various groups in Scandinavia and Germany.

The 1970’s brought Graham back to the UK where you could find him working as a Sessions Musician with the likes of such notables as Elton John and James Taylor. He created Tabitha Records in 1975, which presently has a catalogue of over 1500 songs, and growing. You have most likely heard songs which Graham Sclater has written on the radio, as well as songs from his stable of impressive musicians and singers.

You will find Graham’s love of writing evident at his Tabitha Books site where you may browse the selection of books he has personally penned. Feel free to contact Graham while there.

Another outlet Graham handles on a monthly basis with noted Book Reviewer, Jon Peters is ‘Book Review’ where you’ll hear about upcoming new writers and outstanding books.

Graham Sclater is a tireless, warm individual with versatility and a deep passion for entertainment, be it a fantastic read or the best of music. I’m left with the question, “Which" hat" next Graham?”

For more information - Check out............

Graham Sclater – Website


Tabitha Records


Tabitha Books


Enjoy the interview:

A Look at 'Love Shack' - by Graham Sclater

An Sample of 'Book Review'

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