They've Come to Conquer

Once upon a time there were these talented lads from, I'm not talking about the Beatles!

In 2013 Joe Symes and the Loving Kind hit the UK music scene with ferocity and verve emerging as a band with gritty lyrics, versatility and a style compared to the early Liverpool sound of the '60's. Their music hit the air-waves from Europe to the US bringing rave reviews for their unique and diverse sound. Simply put, be it the local UK Pub Scene, TV appearances or radio play and interviews, the fans adored Joe Symes and the Loving Kind.

Fast forward to 2016, we find a retooled band consisting of the original Lead Singer, Joe Symes, and Colin White, Drums and backup vocals. What has changed is revamping the band to three members and introducing the excellence of Bass Guitarist, Stefan Bujak. Their most recent release, Things Get Better, was widely acclaimed and continues to grow in popularity.

We at It Matters Radio are proud to say we were among the first Internet radio stations to introduce the lads to the US and the world. Since this time, we find Joe and Colin to be constant supporters of our broadcasts, which only shows their integrity and professionalism. Their surge in fame has not changed their character or appreciation of those who have helped them to gain notoriety. They are a pure 'class act', both musically and inter-personally.

For more music check out I-Tunes @

Visit their new website @ to keep up with

new shows, tours and music.

Take a listen to 'Things Get Better' @ Soundcloud

"all music worldwide copyright Joe Symes"

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