Fun In the Land of the Scots

I hope James David Nicol had a good time writing Mac & June Love in the Time of Oil because I certainly had a great time reading it. Set in a fishing village on the coast of Scotland, this is a story of real people falling in love, taking part in family life, and being part of a world that is at once unique and universal.

If some of the language and customs are local to the coast of the North Sea, the emotions that suffuse this enjoyable book are found everywhere that people live. Perhaps they come from two different worlds—Mac from big city America and June from the little village of Seatown, somewhere down the road from Aberdeen—but they were as meant for one another as fish go with chips and both go with a pint.

Of course, Mac didn’t just get the girl of his dreams; he also gets her family and their world, a world of fishing boats and friendships. There’s June’s mother with her wisdom and her kitchen at the ready to feed everyone no matter what the hour. There’s her father with his warmth and acceptance. And, perhaps most notably, there’s Grandpa; but he’s a character the reader should get to know from the pages of David Nicol’s romping good book.

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