Melissa Price - Steel Eyes

Music, Love and Intrigue

In her debut novel Steel Eyes Dr. Melissa Price gives us a finely crafted tale of a brilliant but stage phobic guitar player who, by adopting a masked alter ego is able to perform for a world hungry for her great music.

While roaming and touring the world as a musician global icon, the protagonist also searches for love. That the love she seeks is with another woman may excite some readers and possibly turn others away; but the romance and physicality of this story is universal. The relationships portrayed, the doubts and hesitations, the hopes and fears — these are the stuff of good romance.

Enriching the plot and the characters, there is intrigue. The back-story of the protagonist includes espionage and assassination. Her goal of exacting revenge for her parents’ death adds a rich dimension to the book. Another delight is found in the array of settings in which the fast-paced action takes place. Europe, California, New York, Jamaica: the settings come alive.

Steel Eyes is a compelling read, a book you’ll enjoy by the pool or curled up next to the fire.

Hear Melissa's interview @ It Matters Radio

Check out the book @ Steel Eyes

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