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Tom Pinsent - The Man, The Music

Recently we had the pleasure of chatting with musician, lyricists and singer, Tom Pinsent and presenting his talent to our audience. Tom had been highly recommended to us as a guest, and all we must state after meeting this fine musician and hearing his style of music, we were simply ‘blown away’. The interview takes you from Pinsent’s musical journey from beginning, where he worked for years as part of a band and honed his talent of acoustic guitar and lyric writing, to the present where he decided to write and record as a solo artist. Great idea for he received much air play and rave reviews. Reviews of Tom’s album, GT Lounge, were quite impressive, comparing him to the likes of John Mella

The Pizza Kings - A Tasty Morsel of Sound

Once upon a time, three musicians came together in the lower lands of Vancouver Canada. They combined their talents and passion for music, and created a band with the unlikely name of The Pizza Kings. This eclectic and artistic band consists of the multi-instrumentalists, Klint McEachnie, Tony Fera, and Dominic Di Tomaso. Each member adds their own special touch to the music and lyrics which radiates and resonates with their fans and audience. Their driving force is to create great music and not to simply make money. Though, of course, they do appreciate every purchase from their fans. They are staunch supporters of Indie Radio and Independent music and actually take the time to thank Radio

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