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Nothing Simple About 'Simply Mary'

No one should suffer domestic violence nor be forced to run from State to State to escape the abuser. Yet in 2014, Mary did just that and through the help of new friends and perseverance, Mary brought together a band of wonderfully talented musicians and became the performer known as ‘Simply Mary’. The Freedom Bound CD is a culmination of her personal journey and a testament of love and hope dedicated to all domestic abuse survivors, not victims, but every day survivors. With raw vocals full of emotion, the lyrics and instrumentals are a moving counterpart to her mission to empower and enlighten those faced with abuse. The message is clear – for anyone of any age, religion or race can be a

Lawrence Chau - More Than Meets the Eye

Who is Punky’s favorite ghost hunter? It has to be actor Lawrence Chau, host of the internationally acclaimed TV show, Ghostly Encounters. Punky purred her way through a delightful interview with Mr. Chau, whom she deemed, “Better than fresh tuna.” Not only is Lawrence an animal lover, but he has a great sense of humor. He also plays the flute, which we are sure makes his family, back in Toronto, more secure about his future as this Chinese-Canadian actor tries to break through the racial barriers of Hollywood. Monica, Ken, and Kerry were surprised at the range of Lawrence Chau’s acting skills, particularly when it came to banana peels. If you don’t get that reference, you need to click on

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