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TAKING CARE OF THOSE LITTLE GRAY CELLS Mary Lee Esty, Ph.D, didn’t start off to write a book, just a pamphlet to help people better recognize the symptoms and understand the dangers of concussion and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). Having teamed up with writer C.M. Shifflett, Mary Lee has produced Conquering Concussion, an award winning book chock filled with information that should be at the fingertips of athletic coaches, school nurses, emergency room staff, rehabilitation counselors, psychotherapists, and everyone who works with people. Conquering Concussion doesn’t stop there. It also explores a new and creative approach to healing those symptoms without the use of drugs. Neurofeedback is

Ron Capps - Seriously Not All Right

WHEN IT'S ALL RIGHT TO BE 'NOT ALL RIGHT' Ron Capps has served his country with bravery and commitment. As an enlisted man, as an officer, and as a member of the Foreign Service, Ron has seen war more constantly and more closely than most. In fact, he served his country in five war zones over a period of ten years. He shares some of the horrors and stressors of that service in his memoir Seriously Not All Right. He also shares the emotional break that came from that service and some of the road by which he has found his way back. One part of that recovery has been writing and also helping other veterans to help themselves through writing their stories. Both as an author and as the founder of

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