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Al Vernacchio - For Goodness Sex

OF COURSE WE CAN TALK ABOUT IT Let’s face it, most parents have a hard time talking with their teens, especially about sex. Usually there is a strained, embarrassed silence punctuated with bursts of moralistic prohibition and possibly a few biological facts—and sadly those often incorrect. And those teens are, of course, awash in hormones, desires, and curiosity. They want information, they crave input, and they want so badly to figure it out: What is love? When should I have sex? What is my sexual identity? Am I attractive? Does (s)he really care about me? Al Vernacchio is a soft-spoken teacher with a warm and gentle personality. He has also become one of America’s prominent sex educators.

Benjamin Dancer - Patriarch Run

Strong Writing and Important Messages Benjamin Dancer’s novel Patriarch Run deserves double praise. First, Dancer has given his reader a well-crafted novel with strong descriptions, good balance of points of view, carefully thought-out symbolism, and nice movement from the present to back-stories. Particularly impressive is his ability to show events from the point of view of a young man, Billy, and from that of adults, most importantly Billy’s father, whom the boy has not seen for nine years; the subtle use of similarities and differences between these two characters is outstanding. While presenting us with a fast paced story, the author doesn’t neglect description, particularly communicat

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