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  • Thoughts On Friendship by Kerry Hall
    When asked to do this week’s commentary many topics came to mind.  After contemplating World Peace or getting serious about Syria, I realized it was time to speak of friendship.   First, what is friendship?  Scientists will tell you it is a bonding of two individuals with common interests.  This may be their definition but I find it a bit lacking in substance.  
    Many of my dearest friends hold different personal political, spiritual and social views than I do, and...
  • A Thought On Calendars by Kenneth Weene
    It is a new year, so, of course, I have a new calendar. I suppose most of you, our listeners, have new calendars as well.
    I love buying a new calendar each year. It isn’t about the new year, blank slate, resolutions to be made and of course subsequently broken; it’s that I love calendar art. Part of me is hoping to find the new Marilyn Monroe or Jane Mansfield, one of those wonderful pinup pictures.
    Realistically, I...
  • Does Wavy Gravy Have It Right? by Monica Brinkman
    I often speak of karma and believe the karma you create comes in many forms, actions, deeds and chosen path in life. One man, known to the world as Wavy Gravy, has lived his life in support of other individuals, especially children.
    Many will complain, whine, dwell on and revel in the negative found in the world. Not that voicing your opinion or feelings is a bad thing, it is when you make it an intricate part of your...
  • I Speak to You Of Preservation by Monica Brinkman
    This feeling of discontent has been growing and festering inside of me for the last few years and I know of no better way to release such negativity than to express my personal feelings on Preserving our History than to speak openly to you.
    I’ve seen historic railroad depots, magnificently adorned downtown hotels, eloquent, exquisite residences of the past fall prey to devastation, ruin and removal at the hands of local or state government.  It breaks my heart to...
  • On Telsa, Edison and the Roles of Measuring & Metering by Kenneth Weene
    It was the end of the nineteenth century. Victoria ruled the British Empire, and science and technology reigned in the world. If there were still arguments over evolution, outrage over psychoanalysis, and a place for William Jennings Bryant to thunder against a cross of gold, who could argue with the wonders of railroads, telephones, electric lights. The world was getting better, and that improvement driven by science.   As a psychologist, I learned scientific method and the philosophy of science....
  • What Thanksgiving Means to Me by Kerry Hall
    As the holidays approach Id like to talk to you today what Thanksgiving means to me.
    Historically speaking, we celebrated this holiday because our ancestors first sat down with the Indians long ago. The people had been starving and the Indians helped them grow crops and hunt that first turkey. I admire those first pilgrims, but I also admire and thank the Indians for what they did for them. But the plight of the Indians is not what I...
  • A Thought on Politics by Kenneth Weene
    When I was a kid, I learned to play chess. I was never very good, but at least I learned. Learning to play a strategy game like chess is important. It is one of those skill sets, like algebra, that you will use for the rest of your life—not necessarily directly but in the way you think. The complexity of the games we play may vary—chess compared to checkers, or Othello compared to Go; but the basic skills of planning...
  • Thoughts About 'Funny' by Kenneth Weene
    I understand we’re having a terrific comic on later in the show, so I thought I’d share some thoughts about funny.  Since I write some comedy, I think a lot about what makes me laugh; which can be a bit dangerous. I listen to a comic, for example our guest this evening, and as soon as I start laughing, I start thinking, analyzing. … I have to admit it, that’s one bad way to get the hiccups. So what have...
  • Are You a Dreamer or A Doer? by Monica Brinkman
    Tonight we will be speaking of music and acting which are indeed not rare topics for It Matters. The two things both occupations have in common is the difficulty in obtaining fame and the need to feel an audience’s appreciation.  
    Made me ponder a bit. Many struggle for years, never giving up on their dream, their passion in life, while others settle for much less, some giving way to a mundane, unexciting existence, that love or goal now placed...
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