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  • Remember - Black Cats Need Love Too - By Punky the Radio Cat
    My best cat friend is a black cat. She roams the fields and woods surrounding my home because someone decided black cats were 'bad luck' and did much harm to her. 
    You see, dear humans, she was let out by her owner one Halloween Eve and somebody feared her so much they set her on fire. That is when she came to my home, almost all her hair gone, seared and skin raw, eyes oozing from infection, limping to...
  • My Kids - They Show No Respect
    Mickey, Joey & Snagglepuss 001.jpg
    Okay, here they are - the three miserable, mean, fiesty kids of mine. Meet (from left to right) Snagglepuss, Joey & Mickey. They once adored me. Now I am their prey. Can't even eat my food without that darn Mickey pushing me out of the way and hogging it all.
    I prefer eating in the studio with my human, Monica, when she lets me. If not, off I go, hissing and growling all the way to my food bowl. 
  • Punky Speaks
    My name is Punky and I started life in an industrial trash compactor. Yeah, not much fun at all. I was rescued by my now, owner, Monica Brinkman who bottle fed me and become my seregate mom. Well, I think she's my real mom no matter what people say, and I loves her very much.
    I've been a mamma cat and even let Monica and her husband Rich take in some strange orange cat cause they said he was...
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