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  • My Kids - They Show No Respect
    Mickey, Joey & Snagglepuss 001.jpg
    Okay, here they are - the three miserable, mean, fiesty kids of mine. Meet (from left to right) Snagglepuss, Joey & Mickey. They once adored me. Now I am their prey. Can't even eat my food without that darn Mickey pushing me out of the way and hogging it all.
    I prefer eating in the studio with my human, Monica, when she lets me. If not, off I go, hissing and growling all the way to my food bowl. 
  • Punky Speaks
    My name is Punky and I started life in an industrial trash compactor. Yeah, not much fun at all. I was rescued by my now, owner, Monica Brinkman who bottle fed me and become my seregate mom. Well, I think she's my real mom no matter what people say, and I loves her very much.
    I've been a mamma cat and even let Monica and her husband Rich take in some strange orange cat cause they said he was...
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